LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA (Plan No. 933) UIN: 512N297V02)

LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA plan is a savings plan that gives you protection and savings. It helps you save money for your family’s needs and also gives you a part of the company’s profits. With this JEEVAN LAKSHYA plan, you can make sure your loved ones are okay even if you are not there.

When the plan ends, you will get a big amount of money whether you are alive or not. And if something bad happens to you during the plan, your family will get money every year. LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA (No. 933) is a good way to save and protect your family. The UIN for this plan is 512N297V02.


LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA plan (No. 933) is made to help your family with money, especially your children, if something bad happens to you. The plan gives them money every year to pay for things they need and to make their future safe.

Also, JEEVAN LAKSHYA gives you a sure amount of money when the plan ends, even if you are still alive. This money can help your loved ones. You can also take loans from the policy if you need money.

What are the good things about this plan?

  • If you die, the person you choose gets a big amount of money to help them.
  • When the plan ends, you get a big amount of money and also extra money from the company’s profits. This can help you reach your big goals.
  • The plan lets you share in the company’s profits every year. This helps your savings grow.
  • If something bad happens to you, your family gets money every year until the plan ends. This helps them with regular money.
  • You can choose to give the money to your family in small amounts over time, so they have money coming in regularly.

Who can get this plan?

To get LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA (Plan No. 933), you need to be:

Age when you start18 years50 years
How long the plan lasts13 years25 years
How long you pay3 years less than plan3 years less than plan
Basic amount you getRs. 1,00,000No Limit

What else does this plan offer?

With LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA (Plan No. 933), you get some extra time to pay your premiums. For yearly, half-yearly, and every 3 months, you get 30 days. For monthly, you get 15 days from when it’s due.

If you have money problems, you can take a loan from your policy after paying for 2 years. This way, you still have your life insurance and can get money if you need it.

If you want to stop your policy after paying for 2 years, you will get some money back. This is called a surrender value. It means you get something even if you don’t continue the full policy.

If you forget to pay and your policy stops, you can start it again within 5 years from the first missed payment. This gives you time to get your life cover back and enjoy the plan’s benefits.

What extra things can you add?

To get more protection, you can add LIC’s Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider. You can add it anytime while you’re paying for the main plan. It gives extra money if you die or get hurt in an accident.

LIC also has New Term Assurance Rider and New Critical Illness Benefit Rider. You can add these when you start the policy. They give you term life cover and money if you get very sick.

But remember, all the extra money you pay for riders can’t be more than what you pay for the main plan. And the amount you get from each rider can’t be more than the main amount of the JEEVAN LAKSHYA policy.

When does it not pay?

If the person with the policy dies because they hurt themselves on purpose within 12 months from when the plan starts or is restarted, the person they chose will get 80% of the money paid until then or the surrender value on that date, whichever is more.

Questions People Ask a Lot

How old do you have to be to get LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA (Plan No. 933)?

To get this plan, you need to be at least 18 years old and not more than 50 when you buy it. This age range is good for many people at different times in their life.

How long can the plan last?

With LIC’s JEEVAN LAKSHYA plan, you can choose how long you want it. It can be between 13 years and 25 years. This lets you match the plan to your long-term money goals and needs.

Is there a biggest amount of money you can get?

The smallest Basic Sum Assured is Rs. 1,00,000, but there is no biggest amount. You can choose an amount that fits your needs for protecting your money and what you can afford. This lets you make sure your loved ones will be okay in the future.

When can you stop the plan and get money back?

If you have paid for 2 full years without missing any payments, you can stop your policy whenever you want. This is good if your money needs change or if you don’t need the life insurance anymore. You will get the surrender value.

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