LIC’s Jeevan Bharti_I (Plan No. 192, UIN: 512N247V01)

LIC has made a special life insurance plan just for you! It’s called Jeevan Bharti I (Plan No. 192). This plan knows that women have unique needs. It gives you many features and benefits to help keep your money safe and give you support at different times in your life.

Jeevan Bharti I is a money-back plan. This means you’ll get some of your sum assured money back at certain times while your plan is still going on. This feature is great because it helps you meet your money goals and take care of important things throughout the time you have the policy.

Along with the basic life cover, Jeevan Bharti I (UIN: 512N247V01) also lets you add on extra benefits if you want. These are called riders. You can choose Accident Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit, and Congenital Disability Benefit. These riders give you even more protection against things that might happen that you didn’t expect. They help you feel more brave and ready to handle life’s challenges.

What is LIC’s Jeevan Bharti_I?

LIC’s Jeevan Bharti I (Plan No. 192) is a savings and protection plan made just for women like you. It helps you save money and keeps your future money safe. This plan is a great choice if you want to have a stable money situation for a long time.

You can choose to have Jeevan Bharti I for either 15 years or 20 years. This lets you pick a time that works well with your life goals and money plans.

What’s good about it?

  • Made for women: Jeevan Bharti I understands that women have special money needs. It gives you a plan that helps with these needs at different times in your life.
  • Regular money back: Every five years, you’ll get back 20% of the money you put in. This gives you money to help with your goals and dreams.
  • Money safety for family: If something sad happens and you pass away while you have the plan, the person you chose will get all the money you put in plus extra money. This helps keep your family money safe.
  • Rewards for staying with the plan: If you stay alive until the end of the plan, you’ll get the rest of the money you put in and extra money too. This gives you a big amount of money for things you’ll need later.

Who can get it?

To get LIC’s Jeevan Bharti I, you need to meet these rules:

Age to Start18 years55 years
Money You Put InRs. 50,000Rs. 25,00,000
How Long Plan Lasts15 years20 years
How Often You PayEvery Year

Extra Good Things

Jeevan Bharti I lets you choose when you want to get your survival benefit money. You can get it on the date it’s due or you can wait and get it later. If you wait, you’ll get even more money for waiting.

This plan also lets you pay your premiums early if you want. This can help you handle your money better. If you pay early, you’ll get a discount. This means you’ll pay less money in total.

When the plan ends, Jeevan Bharti I lets you choose how to get your money. You can get it all at once or you can turn it into regular payments called an annuity. The amount of the annuity will be based on the rates at that time. This makes sure you get a fair amount of money for your retirement.

To help you during times when money is tight, Jeevan Bharti I has an auto cover feature. If you’ve paid your premiums for at least two years and then can’t pay, your life cover will still keep going for three years from the date you missed a payment. This gives you a safety net when things are hard.

Extra Things You Can Add

You can get even more protection with the Critical Illness Rider. This gives you up to Rs. 5 lakhs more if you get certain serious illnesses. This rider helps you pay for medical treatments and getting better.

The Accident Benefit Rider is another good choice. It gives you up to Rs. 50 lakhs more if something sad happens like an accident that makes you pass away or hurts you really badly. This rider helps keep you protected from unexpected things.

If you’re planning to have a baby, the Congenital Disabilities Benefit Rider can help. If your child is born with certain disabilities, this rider gives you money to help. You can get 50% of the rider amount, up to Rs. 5 lakhs, for up to two children until they’re 40 years old. This helps you pay for the extra costs of taking care of a child with special needs.

What’s Not Covered

  • If the person with the LIC Jeevan Bharti I plan chooses to end their life within 12 months of starting the plan, the plan will not be valid. But, if someone else has a real interest in the plan and has paid for it, they can still get the plan’s benefits if they tell LIC about it.

Questions You Might Have

How much money can I put into Jeevan Bharti I?

You can choose how much money you want to put in, based on what works best for you. The smallest amount is Rs. 50,000 and the biggest amount is Rs. 25,00,000. You can pick any amount in between, as long as it’s a multiple of Rs. 5,000. This lets you choose the right amount of coverage for you.

Can I borrow money from my Jeevan Bharti I plan?

Yes, you can! Once you’ve paid enough into your Jeevan Bharti I plan, you can take a loan from it. This is really helpful if you need some extra money at times. You can get the money you need while still keeping your life insurance going.

How much money will I get if I get a serious illness that the rider covers?

If you get diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses listed in the Critical Illness Rider, you’ll get a payment equal to the rider amount you chose. This is a one-time payment that helps you pay for medical treatments and getting better. It’s a big help when you’re going through a tough time.

Can I pay my Jeevan Bharti I premiums early?

Yes, you can! Jeevan Bharti I lets you pay up to three premiums in advance if you want. If you do this, you’ll get a discount on your premiums. LIC decides how much the discount is from time to time. Paying early helps you save money and makes sure your coverage doesn’t stop.

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