LIC’s Child Future Plan (Plan No. 185, UIN : 512N242V01)

As a parent, you want to make sure your child has a bright future. LIC’s Child Future plan is a great way to do that. This plan helps you save money for important things in your child’s life, like going to college or getting married.

With the Child Future plan, your child will be protected the whole time you have the policy. And even better, the plan lasts for 7 more years after it ends. This means your child will still have money coming in even when the policy is over.


LIC’s Child Future Plan is a special kind of plan that helps you save money for your child’s future. It gives money to your child at different times in their life, and also protects them if something happens to you.

With this plan, you can choose how long you want to pay. You can pay for just 6 years or up to 5 years before the plan ends. This makes it easy for you to choose what works best for your money situation.

Key Features

  • Your child is always protected while you have the plan and for 7 more years after it ends
  • You get money at certain times while the plan is going on to help pay for things your child needs
  • You get a big payment at the end that includes part of the money you put in plus extra money from LIC
  • You can choose how to pay in a way that works well for you and your money goals


Many parents and guardians can get the Child Future Plan. It lets you choose when to start, how long to pay, and how much money you want for your child, so it works for different needs and budgets.

Child’s Age to Start0 years12 years
Child’s Age at End23 years27 years
Plan Length11 years27 years
Money You Want for ChildRs. 1 lakhRs. 1 crore

Additional Features

The Child Future Plan from LIC has an auto cover feature that gives your child more protection. If you have paid for at least 2 years and then miss a payment, the plan will still cover your child for 2 more years. This gives you time to start paying again.

If something bad happens to you, the plan makes sure your child is still taken care of. You won’t have to pay any more, but your child will still get all the money the plan promises. This is called the premium waiver benefit.

The plan also has something called a paid-up value. This means if you pay for at least 3 years and then stop, your child will still get some of the money, just not as much as if you paid the whole time. The amount depends on how much you already paid.

Optional Benefits

To give your child even more money protection, you can choose something extra called the Premium Waiver Benefit. If you get this and something happens to you, your child still gets all the money from the plan without any more payments.

You have to pay a bit more to add the Premium Waiver Benefit to your plan. But it helps you feel good knowing your child will be okay with money even if you’re not there anymore to help them.


  • The suicide exclusion only matters for the extra Premium Waiver Benefit. If the person buying the plan does something to end their own life in the first year, the Premium Waiver money won’t be paid.
  • For the main parts of the Child Future plan, there aren’t really any big exclusions. This means your child is covered well in almost all situations.


How old does my child need to be to get the LIC Child Future plan?

You can start this plan for your child as soon as they are born. The youngest age is 0 years old. The oldest age to start is 12 years old. So you can begin saving for your child’s future really early.

How long does this plan last?

You can choose how long you want the plan to go. The shortest is 11 years and the longest is 27 years. This lets you match the plan to when your child will need the money, like when they go to college or get married.

For how many years do I have to pay?

There are two choices for how long you pay. You can pay for just 6 years, or you can pay for the whole time of the plan minus 5 years. You get to pick which one works better for your money situation.

Does the plan have a built-in way to stop payments if I pass away?

The regular Child Future Plan doesn’t automatically include this. But you can pay a bit more to add the Premium Waiver Benefit. With this, if something happens to you, your child still gets the money from the plan without any more payments needed.

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